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Basement Flooring Options

Best Basement Flooring Options are the combination of practicality and innovation. Always choose such material for basement flooring which can be easily cleaned and dried.

Ideal Basement Flooring options: These are those which have 100% inorganic material, 100% waterproof, easy to repair, easy to install (DIY), provide warmth, adds a style, and easy to remove for water seepage. To reach near to ideal basement flooring you have to spend big bucks.

Few things which must be considered for basement flooring
Level of humidity.

Material of existing basement floor.

  • Moisture seeps through the basement floor or not.
  • Budget: In low budget circumstances, Linoleum or Laminate must be preferred.
  • Function of the basement in future. Suppose that if your basement is to be used by kids in near future then you must look for the flooring which is easy to clean, for example tile or something soft like cork flooring.
  • Eco-friendly: Bamboo or cork is an eco-friendly material.
  • Health concerns: Is there any one in your family who is suffering from asthma, allergies, or chemical sensitivities? Go for Bamboo or cork.

Moisture resistant basement

  • Sloping: Provide a proper slope to your basement so that water should always move away from basement. A proper installation of drainage system always prevents moisture.
  • A moisture test on slab is a must-to-do for basement construction.
  • Permeability rating: It should be as low as possible to keep the passage of water through the material low.
Basement Flooring Options

Add a pinch of style to your basement flooring with these materials. These basement flooring options have their own advantages and disadvantages. Any ways it depends entirely on function and geographical location of your basement. Choose them according to your own priority list.

Porcelain Tiles for Basement Flooring: It comes in both non-vitreous and impervious form. Test it before its application on basement flooring

Carpet: Only 100 percent inorganic carpets are good. It works best in a well waterproof basement. Never keep it wet.

Hardwood: Although it requires maintenance, it can lend some versatility to your basement. Avoid it in damp basement. It is expensive as well.

Cork: If you want some comfort then go with Cork. It does not rot and thus highly durable. It is eco-friendly. It is recommended for basement kitchen and bar. It is available in numerous colors. It is naturally hypoallergenic, mold, mildew and pest resistant. It is one of the best insulators. It also provides soundproofing to the basement.

Basement Flooring Options

Bamboo: Go green! It is very durable. If you like wood and want to have it as a part of your home décor then definitely go for bamboo material basement flooring. It is one the best and affordable basement flooring option.

The above three are not considered as perfect choices as they absorb moisture. Thus they rot away easily. The above flooring material is the perfect combination of moisture and organic material. This means unintentionally you are raising a mold farm right under your feet.

Tiles: Porcelain tiles are very popular as they can give the basement flooring wood planks or concrete effect.

Basement Flooring Options

Sustainable flooring— Go with the one which is eco-friendly.

Laminate or engineered wood floor: Its wood like hues, low cost and easy installation makes it popular substitute for hardwood. Again avoid it if you notice moisture in your basement. They are not 100% waterproof.

This video provides you some tips on the installation of dry fitting vinyl.

Ceramic tile: Its amazing range of color, texture, design and pattern makes it so popular among the interior decorators. It is durable and simple to clean. Why not to use it as a material for your basement flooring? It is cold, hard and very slippery when wet. Messy installation and huge prices of ceramic tiles keeps the homeowners away from it. If you think that they are capable of keeping the moisture away from basement then you are wrong. They give rise to grout, through which moisture can easily seep.

Basement Flooring Options

Stained concrete: People want to have it as basement flooring as it is durable and inexpensive. It is recommended for large game rooms and workshops. One of the basic drawbacks lies in its physical property that it is cold.

Linoleum: It is eco-friendly and never emits toxins like vinyl flooring.

Raised subfloors: These are provided with built-in air-vents which reduces the growth of molds in the concrete flooring.

Vinyl Flooring: It is advised by many experts to install a sub floor or a raised air space under the vinyl flooring or vinyl tiles. They are cheaper. An example of sub flooring is ThermalDry Basement Floor Matting.

Carpet Tiles: It allows you to easily peel it off and replace with the new ones in case it is damaged.

Plastic Sub floor system Products:

Dri-Core- It controls basement floor moisture.
Avoid keeping rugs in the basement. Check your basement thoroughly whether it is leaky or not. If it is leaky or moist, address it immediately to the contractor. After solving the moisture problem with a proper basement waterproofing embark upon basement flooring options or lighting. Remember use of basement is possible only when it is free of moisture.

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