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Top Basement Ideas

I never knew our architects and civil engineers can convert these unfinished basements into such a marvelous piece of décor. Well the following top basement ideas will surpass your dreams. You will wonder how much extra space you can use and that too with comfort and style.

Many people consider transforming their basement area in a bedroom, guest room or even a wonderful entertainment space. Basement bars are so popular. Moreover, a game room or even a calm relaxing space or a wonderful workspace can be planned in this area. Browse through various basement paint ideas and finalize the colors and combinations for making it a great looking space.

Deciding factors for basement themes

Lighting: Why this came first in my list of factors? Simply because basement lacks illumination. There are various lighting fixtures available. So you can choose from them according to the intensity of illumination in your house. Do not carried away by their designs, consider practical measures as well.
Waterproofing: Dampness, moisture and flooding are the most common problems of basement. Look for waterproofing measures according to your home location.

Space: Think practically of the theme which can put the space well together.
Astonishing Basement Themes

Home Theater

Basement Theater

Some people are very clear in their views on how to live. The home theater which is shown in the picture is one of the most expensive home theater. This is build in the basement. Basement is one of the most suitable places to build a home theater because it lacks in natural lighting.

Game Room Area

Game Room Area basement

A number of people are converting their gloomy basement into a game room. This is known as making best out of the worst.

Bar Open 24/7

Bar Open 24/7 basement

This basement bar will help you in organizing family parties and that too without disturbing your neighbors. With basement soundproofing system you can enjoy your parties without pondering over the inconvenience caused to your neighbors.


Bathroom basement

You can even opt for basement bathroom but its plumbing wants considerations, skill, maintenance and care.

Living room

Living room basement

Why this idea is in my top list? So that you can enjoy your leisure time without pondering over the thought of keeping it in tip top manner.


Library basement

What can be the better place than basement to enjoy reading in silence.

Guest room or Bedroom

You can keep your guest on basement bathroom without worrying about any sort of privacy.

Gym in Basement

Gym basement

Enjoy your workout in basement and leave all your tension outside.

It can be a perfect store
Yes, that is what you are utilizilising it conventionally. Though you can use it in more organize manner.

Basement Kitchen
It will save your lots of space in your house if you utilize it as a kitchen.

Recreation Room
Enjoy with your family in basement without any external disturbance.

Teen Bedroom

Teen Bedroom basement

Your children goes through lots of metamorphosis at this age. They want a space for themselves. They will love the idea of basement bedroom. Allow them to design their room in their own style.


Workshop basement

Build a cave for yourself so that you can focus on your work completely.

You can create your music in absolute silence only in basement.

Laundry room
This will save your lots of space in your house.

The other ideas can be a playroom for kids or an entire apartment to rent. These were just the hint of top basement ideas. Scratch your mind and use your basement as you want.

Check out plumbers

Check out plumbers