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Basement Bathroom Ideas

These basement bathroom ideas help you in building good basement bathroom by effectively utilizing the available space and facilities.

Top reasons to have a basement bathroom

  • Basement bathroom increases value of your property.
  • Basement renovation is far less cheap than external home renovation.
  • Plumber lines and sewer lines are already located in the basement. It sounds pragmatic to hook up a bath, toilet or sink at such a place with so many amenities.
  • Adding a bathroom to any other theme like entertainment room or guest room increases convenience. It reduces your up and down stairs steps.

Do s and don’ts’ while basement bathroom remodeling

  • Avoid ordinary wall board. Install moisture resistant wall in your basement bathroom.
  • Avoid organic materials in your basement bathroom like hardwood or cork flooring.
  • Make sure your basement bathroom has right plumbing, flooring and wiring that do not delaminate or distort.
  • Use water resistant paint and wall materials.
  • Avoid rags and unused materials in your bathroom.
Basement Bathroom

Things to include in a basement bathroom

This is absolutely an individual’s choice. Before deciding the things to be included in a basement bathroom you must be sure of the basement theme. It also depends upon the space available to build a bathroom. Carefully choose the products in case of small area. There are varieties of things available which are designed according to the small spaceSome things which are common to every bathroom are as follows:

  • Bath shower
  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Fans
  • Shelves
  • Laundry basket
  • Chair or a table
  • Electric Shaver
  • Bathroom cabinet: You must have these cabinets to store toiletries. If you do not have space inside then you can have them even outside the bath area.
Mirror not only makes the place look spacious but also provides an open feeling.

Important steps to build a perfect basement bathroom

Step 1:  Check whether you have an appropriate space and utilities to build a perfect bathroom. This provides a clear idea whether you can build a full bathroom or only a powder room.

Step 2:  Install perfect plumbing and electrical fitting. Preferably call a professional for this task.

Step 3:  If you are planning a designer basement bathroom then hire an architect otherwise you can easily design with the help of online basement bathroom ideas.

basement bathroom

Few considerations for basement bathroom

  • Lighting: There is no need to mention that how important lighting is for basement and why? Install staged lighting in basement bathroom. Put some lights at the vanityabove the sink and near the bathtub. There are several light fixtures available to fix on the basement ceiling to compensate the natural light. You can even place some decorative candles in your bathroom to experience sauna bath. Market is flooded with lighting specifically for basement bathroom. You can choose from the following lighting fixtures.
  • Buy more tiles while installing tiles in bathroom as it is difficult to get the replica in case of future damage.
  • Prefer light colors in basement bathroom. Light colors have their own charm and grace. Some popular shades are bluewhitepinkyellow and purple. They are perfect from hygienic point of view. Light colors are the perfect replacement of natural light. Use the one which complements your theme. Light colored decorative accessories equally go well with basement bathroom. These are soap dishescandlesbath mats and artwork. Prefer basement theme complementary accessories.
  • Replace your big vanity with a small pedestal sink to generate space in your bathroom.
  • Ventilation:  Ventilation plays a major role in a basement bathroom. It removes vapors after shower and unwanted odors. You do not have to be concern about the space and design to include a ventilator in your basement bathroom because even a small ventilator can do this work effectively. You can even pass your bathroom ventilator through the central air system. This equips smaller area.
  • Install glass blocks for light and privacy.
  • Make the bath accessible. This means that while constructing it do not forget keep various considerations. You can easily do that by avoiding doors in the shower area. This makes it wheel-chair accessible.
  • Include fabrics to provide a soft touch to your bathroom.
  • Get set go with all the above basement bathroom ideas and have a perfect bathroom for yourself and that too in your basement.

Check out plumbers

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