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Basement Lighting Ideas

Lighting creates mood in the increased space of your house. It can be much more than just a gloomy and useless place of your house. There are several basement lighting ideas to remind us that how functional and dynamic this space can be. This is one of the most challenging tasks to boost the effect of décor of the room with the help of lighting. This dark area of your place can be easily converted into a useful living space of your house.

Let us start with the cheapest but effective ways to lighten your basement

lighten your basement

  • Clear your basement completely of shrubs and weeds to get the most amount of natural sunlight.
  • Put up enlarged basement windows. Although it is costlier than smaller windows, it is saving your money in artificial lighting.
  • Incandescent light bulbs or long tubes fluorescent fixtures. But these types of lighting are good only for basic purpose.
  • Replace those traditional wooden doors with the glass doors. This not only glorifies your basement but also brings natural light to your basement.

Consider the location and future use of your basement to decide the lighting of basement

Recreation Area

basement to decide the lighting

This is the most advantageous to have a basement recreation area during rainy season. It is a perfect place for kids to play during rainy season. The gloomy basement can be easily converted into a recreation area. A combination of track or recessed lighting can do the required work.

Home Basement Theater

Get installed some track and recessed lighting to get an ambient lighting. These inexpensive lights can glorify almost any type of Basement theme. Dimmer switches with this lighting helps you in creating a perfect home theater. Turn the lights low with the help of dimmer switches whenever you are playing a movie. Do not apply track lighting 7 feet or below than that. You can go with recessed lighting for lower ceilings.

Basement Pool Snooker Rooms

Basement Pool Snooker Rooms

Let your kids be active with the application of bright and cheery, kid safe light fixtures.

basement play room

Basement Study Room

It can be a library or study room. There should always be a light above the bookshelves or desks or reading areas. Track lighting adjustable halogen lamps are best for this purpose. Track lights are a good substitute for fluorescent light. The most proper way and time to install the tracking light is at the time of construction of basement. This leads to smooth basement ceilings.

study basement room

It is highly recommended to go for energy efficient light fixtures. They are known for their perfect color balance. Some energy efficient lights are Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs). You can get them in either form: table lamp, floor lamps and ceiling fixtures. Full spectrum light fixtures or grow lamps are advisable to particularly those who are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It simulates natural sunlight. Open ceilings covered up with a green sheet can also be a good source of natural lighting. Fluorescent fixtures are too good at providing harsh look. Recessed can-type lighting can be either spot or flood lighting. Prefer recessed to fluorescent fixtures. Recessed lights can be fitted anywhere at any angle. That’s what makes it so distinguish.

Minor Considerations

These are equally important as basement lighting ideas. No idea can be successfully implanted till the considerations are not being kept in mind.

Minor Considerations

  • Never be stringent in using insufficient power feed for your new basement lighting set-up.
  • Use proper layout and spacing techniques while installing the recessed basement lighting.
  • Make sure you buy the right bulb as per the function of the basement.
  • There must be a switch at the beginning of the staircases so that you can turn on the lights before reaching the basement. Similarly have switches to switch off the lights in the basement.
  • Do not forget to have drapery in the semi-furnished basements. Install accent lighting behind or nearby the drapes.

You can easily improve your basement atmosphere with the help of variety of lights available in the market and basement lighting ideas. They have enough potential to add a glam to your basement. The lights such as Cove light though hidden in the basement architecture, provide an astonishing look to the basement. Do not forget to add the ambiance of natural light as well with the artificial lighting.

Check out plumbers

Check out plumbers