Living in a small house does not mean that you can not be a part of luxury. You can make it large by adding an extra floor to it either on its top or basement. This might be surprising for many that how can I substitute basement for flooring in a house. Through these basement decorating ideas you can easily convert this rough stone of your place into a shining gem. These days flooring, ceiling, painting, wall panels and furniture does most of the decoration. Yet, like any other part of our home, basement is also incomplete without home décor. Interior decoration is an esteemed part of your basement. Your design and decoration must include comfort. In this article allow me to throw some light upon those items through which one can easily decorate his basement.


These indoor plants are enough to provide enchanting look to your basement. They are not only quick decorating tools but can effectively clean the basement environment as well.

basement decorating ideas

Some of the indoor plants which you can easily grow in your basement are: Cactus Combo Bonsai, Chinese Evergreen, Tropical Combo Bonsai, Ponytail Palm, to name a few. These indoor plants purify the stale indoor air by extracting the toxins, Carbon dioxide and other pollutants.
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Did you ever give a thought on utilizing the most diverse area of your house that is basement? Think now and then see how many basement finishing ideas hits. You can use it in several ways such as a library, game room, bedroom, storage room, bathroom, guest room, theater or playroom. Check out that which is the ultimate requirement of your family. There are several basement finishing ideas to work upon.

Have a look on the following considerations

  • Keep a check on budget. This leads you into an appropriate direction. If you keep this consideration initially then you have to never leave your basement incomplete.
  • If you are good at handy work then prefer doing it yourself. There are many websites which provides enough knowledge on household finish tasks. This is the best way to save your hard earned money and completing your task most genuinely.
  • Basement construction planning: A thorough planning on basement plumbing, water proofing, cabinet space, framing and electric wiring is must. For these things always prefer hiring a professional. Anything lacking in basement construction can lead to future damage. Always hire a licensed contractor for this task.
  • Properly explain the contractor your basement theme. This help in getting proper lighting and temperature.
  • Install heater or cooler or air conditioner or dehumidifier depending upon your climatic conditions and basement function.
  • Do not forget to install emergency outlet so that anybody can move out of basement in case of adverse conditions such as fire breakout.

Ideas which suits basement features

Basement is the quietest place of house.

  • Library or Shelving or study

basement finishing ideas

Undoubtedly this is the most preferred place to read your favorite book or prepare for your exams. Make sure you have proper shelves to keep your books. They should not come in contact with sunlight. Lighting is the most important thing to consider when you decide to finish your basement into a library or study. Read more on Basement Finishing Ideas…

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These basement ceiling ideas presents elegance and beauty. These all are secondary ceilings which are hung below the main ceiling. They all have enough capability to turn your old basement into new. Before choosing among the following ideas you must know that what you want exactly for your basement. Take care of common factors like function, cost and other priorities and then move ahead with your own style which you want to install in your basement through these ceilings. 

Faux Ceiling Beams

Faux Ceiling Beams is my first choice due its easy installation and it’s after effects. Faux ceiling beams can make your basement look spacious.

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Before reading this post, many would have been using their basement either as a store room or laundry room. It can be more than that. This place is more utilitarian than functional. Keeping few measures in mind, this functional place can be converted into fabulous place. You might have been never thought that your basement can be coverted into so many cool places. Before doing any basement renovation you have to take care of the following things.

  • Moisture: Basement is more prone to moisture which leads to molds. Proper waterproofing is very important before basement renovation.
  • Lighting: Basement is the darkest place of your house, lighting plays major role.
  • Windows and doors: Due to lack of windows little natural light reaches basement. Install French doors to achieve more natural light.
  • Flooring and Ceiling: Molds are more prone to this area so you must consider waterproof material.

Basement Ideas Photos can give you an idea of how fabulous your basement can be.


Basement Home theater system

With the help of few things you can convert your basement into an entertainment area with home theater system. These things are projector, sofas or theater chairs, speaker system and some other accessories needed to convert it into a home theater system. Read more on Basement Ideas Photos…

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A home with kids seems to be a playground. All things cluttered and mothers always have the same complain that their child never listen to them. Why don’t you provide your kid his own space? With these basement playroom ideas you can provide a safe and healthy separate kid zone to play.

Advantages of basement as a playroom

  • Basement is not so much affected by the weather and climate condition. You feel safe in both warm and cold condition. It is the best place to play especially in rainy season. Not only this but it also  saves your kids from the puddle of rainy season.
  • Basement is generally considered as the extra space of your room. Keeping all your kid’s items in the basement increases the space in your house.
  • It increases fun and extra activity.
  • It provides a proper area to play many floor games such as blocks.
  • A separate zone for children so that they can not disturb adults.

Some common things to consider for all age group children

  • Bright color Pillows and Cushions

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These days’ people are making huge efforts to remodel the extra space of their house including basement. There are several basement remodeling ideas which are popularized by interior decorators which force people change their mind. The most important point is to accept the new concept of basement. Earlier people use to think that basement is the useless place of the house but they are converting this useless place into the most exciting place of their home. This thought allows them to hit upon various exciting basement renovation ideas. You must consider the thing which lacks the most in your family.

You can convert your basement into the following

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The moment I noticed the basement in my new house I knew what I have to do with it. One and only idea of utilizing that basement was of Basement home theater system that hit my mind. I know that I love my home and I have my own space in it yet I wanted to own something which can entertain me. For youngsters nothing can be more entertaining than movies. Not only for movies but home theater can also be utilized for watching live matches. I always wanted a space that is just for me and my buddies to enjoy. So it was time for basement renovation and I finally accomplished this task with the help of few professionals. What I did to have my own basement home theater system? Read on.

Few Considerations

  • A poor quality work will cost you later. So get ready to spend so that you can get the best items for your basement home theater system.
  • Determine the size of the home theater system. You must be aware that how many people you anticipate in your basement home theater system.
  • Electronic equipments must be of most updated version so that you and your friends can enjoy completely.
  • Get a licensed contractor. Seek out the one who is an expert in entertainment and family renovation.
  • Make sure that you have installed proper lighting. Lighting is one of the major factors in theaters.
  • Painting the wall with soft, warm colors to create the mood.
  • If you want to experience cave feeling in your basement home theater system then apply wood panels.
  • Hire a best possible home theater designer.
  • Never ignore the flooring pattern. Go for the soundproof flooring. Lay sound deadening carpet, sound proofing tile, sew black out curtains in your basement home theater system.
  • Acoustic treatments using acoustic panels on interior walls.
  • Position of speakers and screen in Basement Home Theater System so that you get the best viewing.

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Who does not desire for a safe and well designed staircase? Every part of your basement complements it, if it is in tune with its design. Besides being such a prominent element of your basement, stairs also glorifies it. It is the entry way to your basement. Remember, first impression leaves a mark on a visitor’s mind. There are several basement stairs ideas which help you in keeping that impression everlasting one.

Some ideas to revamp the dull basement stairs

Give it a finishing touch

Now consider your own factors to refinish the basement. You can choose among the several materials depending upon your budget and location of basement. You can use concrete tiles to finish the basement staircase. Painting is equally well if you are going through a tight budget phase. Paint on your basement surface not only beautifies but can tune according to your basement theme. You can paint with the color which is according to your basement theme. Stain them or give it a natural look by the use of bamboo or hardwood. Prefinished treads are also available in the market to do the task in much lesser time.

Let us beautify the entry way

Did you notice the wall surrounding the staircase? Work upon this wall to décor the basement staircase. Either paint them or make use of complementing lighting. Recessed lighting is best to décor the basement. Light colors are most preferred and dark colors are mostly avoided in the basement. This is just to give you a brainy tip, you can go for various shades of dark colors. Spice these walls with various décor pieces such as wall hanging, etc.

Basement stairs ideas for the railing

Paint the railing either with the color which contrasts the surrounding wall or the matching fits equally. Do not neglect the walls surrounding the stairs while paneling the basement walls. Stair rails are available in the market according to several basement themes.

Some stair rails are:

Hand railing

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Whenever we initiate painting our basement, our goal should be to convert the gloomy underbelly into the brightest place of your house. It is very important to consider the basement room color as it is the darkest place. Your choice also depends on the function of the room.

While we try to get Basement Color ideas we must take these things into consideration. Do not ignore these things as your room décor represents your style.

Basement Wall

Merely deciding a color for walls of the basement is not enough. Make sure the walls are repaired and sealed properly. Absolutely plain surface devoid of cracks is a paint ready surface. Application of 2 coats of primer is must before painting. The thumb rule for basement paint is avoiding dark colors as it is already the gloomiest part of your house. Yet you want to have some flashy bright shades then provide good illumination to your basement.

basement color ideas
To add some contrast to your basement walls paint different color combinations. These combinations can be dual color wall or contrasting colors. Some combinations to help you in deciding your own combinations: beige and chocolate brown, white and red, yellow and orange, white and crimson, white and dark gray.
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Every time I thought of remodeling my basement, the terror of moisture, dampness and leakage stopped me to work upon the idea. Well, some research on the basement leakage problem helped me to cope up with this nuisance. There are several basement waterproofing techniques available to get rid of the basement moisture or leakage. Some effective waterproofing techniques are done below ground. These are drainage and sealers. These techniques prevent the penetration of water inside the basement even during the seasonal rainfall. In this way, it prevents the further problems caused by moisture that are mold and decay.

Have some brainy tips!

Do not turn your adorable basement area into Galapagos. Follow these tips.

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