How To Clean The Basement


No pain, no gain. If you want to have something extra then you have to work extra for it. That is the law of nature. Similarly it applies with the utility of basement. You must know how to clean the basement otherwise its better not to use it. Basement is highly prone to moisture and thus fungus and mold. Mold is hazardous to human health. You must know some tricky techniques so that you can utilize your basement in a healthy manner. It’s no rocket science to learn all these cleaning strategies.

Places of mold growth in basement

  • Organic materials: paper, wood, dirt and soap scam.
  • Moist places: Even single day moisture can lead to the growth of mold. Keep checking the areas such as wall , especially the peeling paint area or the area under the carpet.

how to clean the basement
Mold can grow in the unused materials stored in the basement, behind base-boards, in carpet padding, inside walls, and under vinyl wall coverings.

Scrub off the mold

  • While dealing with the mold, cover yourself as molds are hazardous for your health. Wear gloves and mask while removing it.
  • Spatula

    This is one of the best known and easily available devices to scrap off the mold. If you have to scrub off the mold from wood paneling then use non-metallic spatula otherwise these things can leave the scratch marks very efficiently.

  • Make a solution of one cup of bleaching powder, 1 gallon water and one-half laundry detergent. This concentration of bleach and detergent is good for concrete surface. As far as wood surfaces are concerned they must be cleaned with a dilute solution. Apply this solution with the sponge on the surfaces. Dry out the surface properly either using fan or rag.

Mold can cause nasal, sinusitis, sore throat, skin irritation, respiratory problems and coughing. It can also be an asthma allergen. Make use of heavy duty garbage bags to place the mold. Throw this bag to the outside trash. Some molds are small enough to be inhaled and can cause lung problem.

Blow the dust out of your basement

  • Cleaning solution: Whisk detergent and a quarter cup of ammonia. Now add this mixture to a bucket of warm water. Use a stiff nylon brush to clean the concrete basement surfaces. Metallic brush must be avoided for cleaning the concrete basement surfaces as there are chances of metallic fibers to get trap in the concrete and form rust. Give this solution a boost by adding some trisodium phosphate. Make use of shop vacuum to get rid of excess water in basement while cleaning. You can easily get these things from a near by hardware store.

how to clean the basement 

  • How to treat a musty odor of basement?

    Improve cross ventilation and air circulation of your room either by opening door and windows or with the help of fan. Get a good dehumidifier for your basement. For strong and stubborn odor, make use of bleach spray. It is very simple to make it. For this mix 1 or 2 ounces of household bleach per quart of water and keep it in the spray can. Spray the solution in your room.

how to clean the basement 

  • Sprinkle the bleaching solution on concrete floor as well. Seal the concrete with the sealers to get rid of strong odors. 

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  • Efflorescence:  It is a soluble salt which accumulates on the concrete floors and wall of basement. It permanently goes away with waterproofing or you can temporarily remove it with nylon brush.
  • Stubborn rust stains: sprinkle some dry cement and rub it with a small piece of flagstone. This pumice does a better job than any other cleaning agent.
  • Basement make over is very effective in cleaning as well as giving it a new look. How to clean the basement and make it trendy? First step is to roughen the floor. TSP or Trisodium Phosphate is very effective in scrubbing the basement floor. You can get it from your nearest hardware store. After scrubbing rinse it off with a hose. Now sprinkle some phosphoric acid and scrub. Now it is able to accept the stain better. Let the chemicals work, so leave it like that for 20 minutes. Then rinse away 3 to 4 times. Let it get dry. Now it is ready to take the stain. Stain it with the help of paint roller and leave it for 24 hours.

how to clean the basement

Some simple but effective ways to clean basement flooring

  • Steam Cleaner with a scrubber on the end is the best appliance to clean the basement floor daily.
  • Sweep the basement floor thoroughly to get rid of daily dust so that it can not accumulate.
  • Mop the basement floor with the Lysol daily.
  • Do not forget to dry it perfectly after mopping.
  • Any unwanted stain on the basement floor can be easily removed by baking soda or vinegar or bleach. Treat the stubborn stains with extra concentration of bleaching powder.

The above tips are enough not only to clean the basement floor but also to prevent the mold growth. Now when you know how to clean the basement, there should not be any excuse of not cleaning that gloomy space. You can maintain the utility of that extra space of your dwelling with just few simple tricks.

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