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Whenever we initiate painting our basement, our goal should be to convert the gloomy underbelly into the brightest place of your house. It is very important to consider the basement room color as it is the darkest place. Your choice also depends on the function of the room.

While we try to get Basement Color ideas we must take these things into consideration. Do not ignore these things as your room d├ęcor represents your style.

Basement Wall

Merely deciding a color for walls of the basement is not enough. Make sure the walls are repaired and sealed properly. Absolutely plain surface devoid of cracks is a paint ready surface. Application of 2 coats of primer is must before painting. The thumb rule for basement paint is avoiding dark colors as it is already the gloomiest part of your house. Yet you want to have some flashy bright shades then provide good illumination to your basement.

basement color ideas
To add some contrast to your basement walls paint different color combinations. These combinations can be dual color wall or contrasting colors. Some combinations to help you in deciding your own combinations: beige and chocolate brown, white and red, yellow and orange, white and crimson, white and dark gray.
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