No pain, no gain. If you want to have something extra then you have to work extra for it. That is the law of nature. Similarly it applies with the utility of basement. You must know how to clean the basement otherwise its better not to use it. Basement is highly prone to moisture and thus fungus and mold. Mold is hazardous to human health. You must know some tricky techniques so that you can utilize your basement in a healthy manner. It’s no rocket science to learn all these cleaning strategies.

Places of mold growth in basement

  • Organic materials: paper, wood, dirt and soap scam.
  • Moist places: Even single day moisture can lead to the growth of mold. Keep checking the areas such as wall , especially the peeling paint area or the area under the carpet.

how to clean the basement
Mold can grow in the unused materials stored in the basement, behind base-boards, in carpet padding, inside walls, and under vinyl wall coverings. Read more on How To Clean The Basement…

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Growth of mold in a basement has enough potential to spoil all basement glam. Exhaustively investigate each and every nook and corner of your basement. Explore the furniture, under the carpet, behind the board or ceilings. You can find mold almost anywhere. Common molds which inhabit the basement are mold and mildew. The obnoxious odor of these molds makes difficult for us to breathe. Finding and eliminating the mold from the basement is no rocket science. Knowledge of some household basement mold removal techniques can easily solve the mold problem and protect you from greater danger ahead. Taking into consideration few measures during basement construction can also prevent mold formation.

Factors which lead to mold formation in basement

  • Place of leading humidity.
  • Moisture and leakage of pipe or sink.
  • No proper ventilation.
  • No proper surrounding.
  • Weeds and wild plantation surrounds the basement.
  • Placing the clothes drier without vent can also lead to moisture and dampness.
  • Huge temperature difference between outside and inside of basement wall.

If we overcome the above factors then we can prevent mold in the basement to a far greater extent.

Tips for basement mold removal

  • Clean the mold infected region of basement. Cover yourself completely while doing this with mask, respirator, wear eye protection, rubber gloves and clothing. Wear long sleeves clothes while clearing the mold. One Suggested respirator is N95, 3M #1860 or TC-21C particulate respirator. Use those clothes and coverings which can be easily laundered.

N95 Respirator Read more on Basement Mold Removal…

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