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Basement waterproofing is the utmost important step in the construction of any structure which is build at ground level or below ground level. It refers to those techniques which arrest water to enter into the basement of a house. When waterproofing involves both drainage and sealers then it is the most effective waterproofing.

Some geographical regions have raised water table and therefore waterproofing is must in these types of regions. There are major possibilities of foundation damage due to hydrostatic pressure. This leads to further seepage of water inside the basement. One can easily prevent this problem with the help of following measures:

  • Interior wall and floor sealers
  • Interior water drainage and
  • Exterior drainage combined with waterproofing coatings.

The above techniques must be incorporated in a basement by the contractors during the construction of house.

basement waterproofing
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Basement water leaks have enough potential to spoil all your hard work and money. Water is the most common enemy of basement. It is a common problem especially during rainy season. Noticing it in its inception can easily solve many problems. If not stopped in its early stages then it can easily ruin your entire basement. The ultimate solution to basement leakage is directing water away from your house.

Action to be taken while basement water leaks

  • Clean the area where water is stored. Generally, concrete blocks and slabs leads to water blockage which causes water storage especially during the rain. Avoid this concrete accumulation during basement construction which leads to future damage.
  • Target areas to fix the problem. You have to locate the place where water leakage has started. Wipe the area either by an old towel or rags. Mark this area so that you can repair it.
  • Locate the chipped places. These places can be the holes, cracks or blocks in the walls or doors.

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Every time I thought of remodeling my basement, the terror of moisture, dampness and leakage stopped me to work upon the idea. Well, some research on the basement leakage problem helped me to cope up with this nuisance. There are several basement waterproofing techniques available to get rid of the basement moisture or leakage. Some effective waterproofing techniques are done below ground. These are drainage and sealers. These techniques prevent the penetration of water inside the basement even during the seasonal rainfall. In this way, it prevents the further problems caused by moisture that are mold and decay.

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Do not turn your adorable basement area into Galapagos. Follow these tips.

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