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Basement wall Paneling is a treat to an inherently moist area of your house. It prevents moisture and thus prevents the farming of mold right under your feet. So if you really want to preserve the utility of your room, go for basement wall panels. A basement with wall panels is no where less than any designer basement. These days’ manufacturers are providing basement with several aesthetic designs. Easy installation and removal of basement wall panel makes it flexible to change whenever you wish to change your basement design. Basement wall panels are an absolutely do-it-yourself. The guide provided by the manufacturers also specifies the methods to safe guard your wall panels. Besides, it provides insulation and hides the concrete walls. Basement wall paneling is one of the most important steps in basement construction.

Basement wall panel comes in several varieties in terms of design and material.

Things to consider while buying basement wall panel

  1. Waterproof
  2. Installation process
  3. Cost: Generally it is not too high.
  4. Material involved in its construction.

Installation steps in Basement Wall Paneling

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  1. Measure your basement properly.
  2. Scrub the surfaces with the soapy water to prepare it for paneling. This removes any type of residue present on the walls. Scrub away any type of soil gathered on the wall. The wall panel stays only on the smooth surface.
  3. Finish your basement walls. For this you have to coat the wall. Let it get dry and then apply waterproof coat. Ensure special coating on the window borders and other edges. This is done to make sure perfect waterproofing on basement walls. Apply plastic vapor barriers on the wall to ensure further safety of wall panels. If you do not organize your wall surface prior to basement wall paneling then there are chances of its peel off.
  4. Make sure to keep the basement wall panels in position. This can be easily done with the help of vertical and horizontal fir strips. If you are not good at handy work then do not hesitate to take the help of a carpenter. Basement wall panel can come off the wall easily if not placed properly. Take cautions!
  5. Glue the prepared wall panels on the walls. Place more amount of glue at the edges. Make use of panel nail to support the wall panels otherwise there are chances of peel off. You can remove nails after the glue get dried up.
  6. Air out basement properly before you move further interior decoration. This lets the glue dried up and also makes the basement free of toxic fumes of glue.

Some popular Basement wall panels

Barricade basement wall paneling


  • It replaces Stud Walls and bat insulation. Stud walls and bat are highly susceptible to mold growth.
  • Just nail or screw drywall directly to panels.
  • It also provides a barrier to the entry of unwanted and excessive noise from outside the home.
  • It is a code- approved Type I vapor barrier. It blocks unwanted air.
  • It keeps the basement cool in extremes summer and vice-versa in winters.

    basement wall paneling
    Owens Corning™ Basement Finishing System™

    It is also a ready made basement wall panel package which involves in the finishing of the basement. They are made up of thick glass-fiber board. They provide insulation of R-11. Like every wall panel they also provide water resistance and insulation. However, your basement can not flaunt perfectly smooth and seamless walls with this system.

basement wall paneling

The installation of basement wall panel is an ultra easy task. Its moisture resistance and insulating properties are highly appreciated by its customers. The best part is their low cost which makes easy for people to remodel their basement without giving any extra thought to it. Basement wall paneling not only beautifies your basement but also provides comfort due to its several properties.

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