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Who does not desire for a safe and well designed staircase? Every part of your basement complements it, if it is in tune with its design. Besides being such a prominent element of your basement, stairs also glorifies it. It is the entry way to your basement. Remember, first impression leaves a mark on a visitor’s mind. There are several basement stairs ideas which help you in keeping that impression everlasting one.

Some ideas to revamp the dull basement stairs

Give it a finishing touch

Now consider your own factors to refinish the basement. You can choose among the several materials depending upon your budget and location of basement. You can use concrete tiles to finish the basement staircase. Painting is equally well if you are going through a tight budget phase. Paint on your basement surface not only beautifies but can tune according to your basement theme. You can paint with the color which is according to your basement theme. Stain them or give it a natural look by the use of bamboo or hardwood. Prefinished treads are also available in the market to do the task in much lesser time.

Let us beautify the entry way

Did you notice the wall surrounding the staircase? Work upon this wall to décor the basement staircase. Either paint them or make use of complementing lighting. Recessed lighting is best to décor the basement. Light colors are most preferred and dark colors are mostly avoided in the basement. This is just to give you a brainy tip, you can go for various shades of dark colors. Spice these walls with various décor pieces such as wall hanging, etc.

Basement stairs ideas for the railing

Paint the railing either with the color which contrasts the surrounding wall or the matching fits equally. Do not neglect the walls surrounding the stairs while paneling the basement walls. Stair rails are available in the market according to several basement themes.

Some stair rails are:

Hand railing

These rails are being in use since centuries. They are simple to install and easy to maintain. There are several varieties available in terms of designs, materials and widths. You can attach them with any brackets series. They are durable and stable as they are attached to the wall. If you have space then you must go for these slender and streamlined rails.

Ceiling railing

These are installed in low hanging ceiling in the basement stairwell.

Vinyl railing

basement stair ideas

These are weather resistance. These are attractive as they come in several designs. These are flexible enough to be cut and fit the size of your basement accordingly. They are known for their durability. So if your basement is prone to nature damage then you can opt for vinyl rail.

Versa railing

They are very popular among interior decorators as attic stair railing but can be used for basement stair railings equally well. This can hold lot of weight and is affordable as well.

Metal railing

Metals are evergreen. You can carve several designs on metal rails and you do not even need any thing extra to décor your stair area. Metal rails suits to basement with lots of open space on the staircase sides. Wrought-iron rail and aluminum rail comes under fancy metal railing category.

Wood railing

Several varieties of wood rails especially its design are boom for the wood lovers. This is a culture from centuries to decorate or beautify your house with wood. They suits narrow staircase against a wall with one side open.

Basement staircases with treads

Final touch to the basement stairs.
Choose the treads according to the basement décor. Soft and neutral color carpets give your basement staircase an aesthetic look. Some suggested carpet colors are gray, beige or shades of blue and red.

Evergreen decorations

  • Place some potted plants
  • Antique hardware
  • Accent pieces
  • Install a rail to the narrow basement stairs. Railing provides safety to basement staircases.

Basement stairs with potted plant, wall hanging and antiques.

Basement stair railings not only enhances the look of your basement but also necessary for safety purpose. Before embarking upon the installation of a basement stairs have a look and think twice about the theme of your basement then accordingly choose the material, carpet and color of stair and railing. Also consider that which area you are connecting with the basement. Suppose you are planning theme for your basement then avoid connecting it with the noisy area. To save the basement stairs time and material do not forget to connect it parallel to the ceiling joists.

The above basement stairs ideas generate the hormone to work for that awesome entrance to this extra space of my house.

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