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A home with kids seems to be a playground. All things cluttered and mothers always have the same complain that their child never listen to them. Why don’t you provide your kid his own space? With these basement playroom ideas you can provide a safe and healthy separate kid zone to play.

Advantages of basement as a playroom

  • Basement is not so much affected by the weather and climate condition. You feel safe in both warm and cold condition. It is the best place to play especially in rainy season. Not only this but it also  saves your kids from the puddle of rainy season.
  • Basement is generally considered as the extra space of your room. Keeping all your kid’s items in the basement increases the space in your house.
  • It increases fun and extra activity.
  • It provides a proper area to play many floor games such as blocks.
  • A separate zone for children so that they can not disturb adults.

Some common things to consider for all age group children

  • Bright color Pillows and Cushions

basement playroom ideas

  • Small fabric curtains for small windows.
  • Hiding places: Sew a little curtain and hang it on a little spring tension rod. Believe me this is going to be your kid’s favorite place in the entire room.

basement playroom ideas

  • Collection of the School Projects: Such as craft work, science project and many more. This stacks to the childhood memories.
  • Picture ledge shelf
  • Birthday presents: Collection of birthday presents reminds them the growing years of their life.
  • Hang the alphabetical, numerical, animal names and various other charts which help them memorizing the things well. Do not forget to place a cork board so that kids can display their hand made things like greeting cards, art work, etc. 

basement playroom ideas

  • Paint the basement with exciting colors. Preferably use more than one color to paint the basement walls.
  • Use cork for flooring as it is not cold and do not hit the kids while playing.
  • Use light color carpet for hygienic purpose. Make use of cheerful colors everywhere whether carpet, walls, furniture cover and other things.
  • Avoid harsh colors like black, brown and red. Yellow pink, blue, green are cheerful colors which are always liked by kids. These colors promotes the feelings of ease and joy in your kids. Bright colors triggers cognitive part of children’s brain. This develops their creativity.
  • Easy to clean furnishing.

basement playroom ideas

  • Secure hand rails are must on the stairs of the basement.
  • Bean bag chairs to increase the comfort. Cover them with washable covers as it is used by the kids.
  • Metallic items are dangerous for kids so they must be replaced with safer plastic items.
  • Avoid adult oriented things in kid’s room.
  • Pay special attention to lighting and ceiling heights. Recessed can or track lighting is best for kid’s room especially in the basement.

basement playroom ideas

  • Install tin ceiling tiles directly onto joists to get maximum headroom.
  • Larger functioning windows. This creates an illusion of larger space. French door entrance provides more lighting.
  • Apply waterproof paint and plaster on the wall. Use paperless wallboard instead of conventional ones which can catch mildew easily.

Basement Playroom Ideas For Kids

  • Collection of dolls
  • Adorable little Kitchen
  • Favorite Photograph collection
  • Constructive games such as Magnetic gears.
  • Work table with a wide area surface is very important for playing board games, puzzles, arts and crafts purpose

For Teenagers

  • Paint everything in muted colors.

    basement playroom ideas

  • If your child is interested in sports then keep some small-scale sports equipment such as air hockey table, child-sized pool table or small basketball hoop.
  • Video games. So keep a large screen television in your basement playroom.
  • Provide ample storage space so that they can keep their items. At this stage they go with lots of metamorphosis whether physically or mentally. They like to keep some DVDs of games, music DVDs of their own choice and projects they have done in their school.  Provide them enough space to keep these things.

How to keep the basement playroom uncluttered and clean?

Providing proper storage spaces can solve the problem. Make sure these storage selfs are sized appropriately so that kids can keep the things back into them. This also makes them independent and self organized.

basement playroom ideas

  • Provide adequate storage features such as shelves and bookcases.
  • Peg and hook racks are very useful in keeping toys in an organized manners.
  • Hanging baskets on the walls not only add spark to your basement playroom but also holds smaller toys.
  • Make use of portable bins.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. So do not make your Jack a dull boy. Instead help in growing him in a smart boy. Remember play is an essential part in the life your kid. Your kid expresses himself completely in his separate space. Make use of above basement playroom ideas to make a perfect space for your beloved child.

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