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The robotic pattern of waking up early and rushing towards work makes our life boring and gradually frustrating. With few changes in our lifestyle we can easily make it exciting and rocking. Why not a home office? Home is the most comfortable zone of our life. At the end of the day we find satisfaction in our home. So, why not devote some space of our home to a small office. But where is the space? Every home has a basement. With few basement office ideas and strategic moves your basement can be converted into a proper workshop.

Advantages to have a basement home office

basement office ideas

  • It is naturally spacious, secluded, quiet and comfortable place.
  • It separates your profession from your personal life.
  • It is an “office away from office”.

Few concerns to have a perfect basement office

basement office ideas

  • Ensure waterproofing before starting any other work in your basement office. Apply some humidity control appliances.
  • Lighting:  Lighting has enough power to make your basement an airy and productive space. Decorative lighting fixtures add some sparks to your workplace. Good lighting will never strain your eyes while working on computer.
  • Colors:  Choose light colors. Bright, cheerful colors such as robin’s egg blue, peach, mint green, yellow or light rose are good for a basement office. Neutral paints are also good for office environment. Colors can create both positive and negative impact in your life. Make sure you choose soothing colors.
  • Fabric:   Soften your office with fabric. White linen around the windows not only adds to decoration but also reflects lights.
  • Screens:  Hang a folding screen to your office with three panels. This idea is to conceal clutter of your work place. This can be used for writing notes or remainders.
  • Break room: A relaxing room must be there in your office to take a break from your computer or desk. This is one of the most important basement office ideas. With a break room you will not feel a need to go and relax in your home where you might get distracted. A bright fashionable sofa with sleek coffee table in your break room is a must-have. You can also keep a mini refrigerator to store some soft drinks and snacks. Make your break room such that it is your favorite room where you can go anytime and recharge your battery.
  • Search for a proper office desk. The office desk with keyboard tray and drawers makes your office more organized.
  • Computers:  While purchasing computers for your office consider points like working hours on computer, type of work to be done on the computer, and many more. Buying a good antivirus shows that you are not throwing your cash in trash.
  • Take care of temperature. Make it as much comfortable and cozy as you can as comfort is directly proportional to the amount of work you can do daily. The more comfortable you are the more output you can provide.
  • Your office chairs must have the following features:

    1.  Substantial Lumber Support

    2.  Backrest

    3.  Cushioned seat

    4.  Swivel base

    5.  Adjustable armrest

Basement Office Decoration

basement office ideas

We devote most of our life’s time in working. That means maximum time in a day is devoted to our office. To decorate your working place expand your mind and think beyond yourself. When you think beyond your needs and work beyond it then several ideas struck. Follow them and shape your office accordingly. Shape your work place so passionately that you do not need even a single holiday ever in your profession. Convert all your vacations into vacation.

1.  Before embarking upon the major decorations, decide the theme of the office and then decorate your entire office accordingly. This theme must relate your passion. Think deeply, there is something beyond your daily routine.

2.  Ornamental plants: It not only adds to the decoration of your office but also creates a positive mood.

3.  Paintings: Choose the one which reflects your persona. There are several arts by great painters. Choose from them and hang them in your office. Choose the inspirational ones.

Follow the above basement office ideas and expand your senses as well to make each and every day of your life worth living. Make your vocation a source of joy.

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