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Before reading this post, many would have been using their basement either as a store room or laundry room. It can be more than that. This place is more utilitarian than functional. Keeping few measures in mind, this functional place can be converted into fabulous place. You might have been never thought that your basement can be coverted into so many cool places. Before doing any basement renovation you have to take care of the following things.

  • Moisture: Basement is more prone to moisture which leads to molds. Proper waterproofing is very important before basement renovation.
  • Lighting: Basement is the darkest place of your house, lighting plays major role.
  • Windows and doors: Due to lack of windows little natural light reaches basement. Install French doors to achieve more natural light.
  • Flooring and Ceiling: Molds are more prone to this area so you must consider waterproof material.

Basement Ideas Photos can give you an idea of how fabulous your basement can be.


Basement Home theater system

With the help of few things you can convert your basement into an entertainment area with home theater system. These things are projector, sofas or theater chairs, speaker system and some other accessories needed to convert it into a home theater system.


Basement Home office

basement ideas photos
For home office you do not need much, just a computer desk and ergonomic chair can do the require work. Proper lighting is must if you want to convert your basement into an office.


Basement Playroom

basement ideas photos
If you are tired of cleaning the cluttering of your kids toys then it is the best idea to convert your basement into playroom. Take care of colors and things which you are placing into the basement playroom.


basement ideas photos 
If you have a basement with low ceiling then nothing is better than a billiards room. With this renovation you can enjoy your low ceiling to the fullest.


Basement Gym

basement ideas photos
If you like exercising then nothing is better than a basement gym. This also provides you good health and do not take space in your living area.


Basement Guest Room

basement ideas photos
If you are still thinking where your guest stay in your home then keep them in your basement. Shocked! These days there are several ideas available to renovate your basement. Why not utilize it as a guest room?


Basement Living Room

basement ideas photos
With so many technologies available these days, you can convert your gloomiest place into a fabulous living room.


Basement Bathroom

basement ideas photos
Flooding and foundation cracks scares most of the people to convert their basement into a bathroom. But with few simple measures you can easily do so. With basement bathroom you do not have to constantly go upstairs for refreshment.


Basement Bedroom

basement ideas photos
Expansion of your house can be easily done through your basement. It can be easily done with less expense and time.


Basement Bar

basement ideas photos
Sometimes it becomes really difficult to find a venue for parties especially during tight budget. Basement bars solves this problem.

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