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The moment I noticed the basement in my new house I knew what I have to do with it. One and only idea of utilizing that basement was of Basement home theater system that hit my mind. I know that I love my home and I have my own space in it yet I wanted to own something which can entertain me. For youngsters nothing can be more entertaining than movies. Not only for movies but home theater can also be utilized for watching live matches. I always wanted a space that is just for me and my buddies to enjoy. So it was time for basement renovation and I finally accomplished this task with the help of few professionals. What I did to have my own basement home theater system? Read on.

Few Considerations

  • A poor quality work will cost you later. So get ready to spend so that you can get the best items for your basement home theater system.
  • Determine the size of the home theater system. You must be aware that how many people you anticipate in your basement home theater system.
  • Electronic equipments must be of most updated version so that you and your friends can enjoy completely.
  • Get a licensed contractor. Seek out the one who is an expert in entertainment and family renovation.
  • Make sure that you have installed proper lighting. Lighting is one of the major factors in theaters.
  • Painting the wall with soft, warm colors to create the mood.
  • If you want to experience cave feeling in your basement home theater system then apply wood panels.
  • Hire a best possible home theater designer.
  • Never ignore the flooring pattern. Go for the soundproof flooring. Lay sound deadening carpet, sound proofing tile, sew black out curtains in your basement home theater system.
  • Acoustic treatments using acoustic panels on interior walls.
  • Position of speakers and screen in Basement Home Theater System so that you get the best viewing.

basement home theater system

How to proceed to renovate your basement into a basement home theater system?

  • If your basement is unfinished then finish it properly. For this hire some licensed constructors. Make sure they do the waterproofing properly as moisture can easily damage the basement home theater system. If it is already finished then the process takes less time and money. Otherwise you have to go for costly framing work.
  • Some table lamp not only enhance the beauty of your basement home theater system but can also be used for several other purposes.
  • Now if you really want a media room to make your vacations and leisure time completely relishing then only a huge screen will not work. For complete fun your basement home theater system must have movie theater seats, food zone, proper lighting and high quality sound.

basement home theater system

  • Dimmer switch lighting creates an effortless glam.
  • A typical movie theater has: television or big screen to view the movie, DVD Player to run the DVD and Speakers. Buy them and that too of latest technology.
  • Place a table to keep all the snacks and cold drinks. Keep recliners in your basement home theater system. Cup holder recliners are also good.
  • A family based basement home theater system is an expensive affair.
  • Movie posters on the walls can create an enchanting effect.
  • Curtains must be hanged in front of the Television.
  • You can also have mini bar in your basement home theater system.
  • Popcorn machine, mini fridge, nacho maker and small sink have enough potential to create a completely entertaining theater.

    basement home theater system

  • Maintain proper ventilation in your home theater system. Prefer whole house fans in the home theater system.
  • Avoid square or long rooms as the shape of the room may interfere in the speaker system. Person sitting at one place may hear high bass whereas other person may hear absolutely null. Select a rectangular shape room. 

An estimate of Budget

  1. 35 to 40% of the total amount goes in home theater speaker system.
  2. Consider 30 to 35% for the high definition video display.
  3. Consider 20 to 30% for the electronics.
  4. Consider 5 to 10% for other miscellaneous expenses like cables, lighting, etc.
  5. The total estimated expenditure comes out to be $500 to $1000 in installing a basement home theater system.

With the help of above considerations, tips and suggestion you can also have your own home theater system. This is one of the best uses of the extra space in your house that is basement. It is highly recommended to hire an expert to convert your gloomy basement into an entertainment zone that is home theater. In spite of that for a novice it is must to have some knowledge. That is it! With little help and lots of knowledge you can have your own source of entertainment that is Basement home theater system.

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October 20, 2011

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Borat builds a home theater?

- remember to have most fun when leisure time relishing!

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