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Living in a small house does not mean that you can not be a part of luxury. You can make it large by adding an extra floor to it either on its top or basement. This might be surprising for many that how can I substitute basement for flooring in a house. Through these basement decorating ideas you can easily convert this rough stone of your place into a shining gem. These days flooring, ceiling, painting, wall panels and furniture does most of the decoration. Yet, like any other part of our home, basement is also incomplete without home décor. Interior decoration is an esteemed part of your basement. Your design and decoration must include comfort. In this article allow me to throw some light upon those items through which one can easily decorate his basement.


These indoor plants are enough to provide enchanting look to your basement. They are not only quick decorating tools but can effectively clean the basement environment as well.

basement decorating ideas

Some of the indoor plants which you can easily grow in your basement are: Cactus Combo Bonsai, Chinese Evergreen, Tropical Combo Bonsai, Ponytail Palm, to name a few. These indoor plants purify the stale indoor air by extracting the toxins, Carbon dioxide and other pollutants.


They can be a corner piece in your basement. You can also place them as a room divider. Use them as a décor to your wall unit.


They can be the best substitute for your coffee table in your basement. Many of you complain of space to keep an aquarium. Why not go for a wall aquarium? They can be easily embedded in your basement walls.

Antique hardware


There is something quirky about antique hardware which catches everbody’s eye. Believe me your interior decoration is incomplete without a piece of antique hardware. Before deciding the one for your basement consider the theme.

Lights and Lamps

The magic touch of these lights can vanish gloomy appearance of your basement. Therefore they play a major role in basement decorating ideas.

These lights are: 1.  Globe Lights: Call it globe light or moonstruck light. They are the coolest light I have ever come across.

The globe light which you can see in the image is a Sandra Haischberger design. To your utter surprise it is handcrafted. Turn on the globe and see the enchanting flower pattern on your basement walls.

2.  Onyx lamps:
These lamps can create a perfect romantic atmosphere for a bedroom or boudoir.


The pair which is shown in the image is perfect for a living room.
The best part of onyx lamps is their stone exterior which matches the rustic appearance of your basement.

3.  Fiber Optic Lights: They are simply astonishing.

These changes color by turning wheel. Steffen Bauer has designed them for Crescent lighting.

4.  Chandelier: How can we forget our very own Chandelier? There are several varieties to choose from.

basement decorating ideas

You can give your basement a new meaning by having the chandelier shown in the image. This futuristic and sophisticated chandelier is perfect for your dining room.

5.  Fairy Lights: Enhance the charm of your basement by putting some fairy lights.

They add a bit of cheer and fun to your room. Put them on your mirror edges and border.

Stone Accessories

These accessories match the rustic appearance of your basement. It provides natural look to your basement. These natural stones create classic impression and provide an elegant touch to your basement. They are best used in a basement bathroom. You can also decorate your bathroom with a stone bath tub. The virtual effect of these stone accessories is simply stunning. These natural stone matches best with the white walls. Do not forget to provide light color to your basement flooring if your interior decoration includes stone. It gives an illusion of a private garden.

basement decorating ideas

I am totally bowled over the bathroom shown in the image. It is designed by Stefano Chiocchinni and Cappellini. Cappellini is a popular stone designer and manufacturer.


For this you must be sure of what type of basement you exactly want. The curtains should be according to the basement theme.

basement decorating ideas

Persian Rugs

Use Persian Rugs to give your basement a cultural look.

So, these were the basement decorating ideas to add an extra glow and charm to your basement. Use your mind to decorate your basement in the best possible manner. There can be many more ideas. The best idea is the one which suits your basement theme.

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September 12, 2011

Julie Warner @ 11:11 pm #

That Stefano Chiocchinni and Cappellini bathroom is amazing! It’s funny but I’ve never had any interest in a designer kitchen or living room but a designer bathroom would be completely worth it to me.

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