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Whenever we initiate painting our basement, our goal should be to convert the gloomy underbelly into the brightest place of your house. It is very important to consider the basement room color as it is the darkest place. Your choice also depends on the function of the room.

While we try to get Basement Color ideas we must take these things into consideration. Do not ignore these things as your room décor represents your style.

Basement Wall

Merely deciding a color for walls of the basement is not enough. Make sure the walls are repaired and sealed properly. Absolutely plain surface devoid of cracks is a paint ready surface. Application of 2 coats of primer is must before painting. The thumb rule for basement paint is avoiding dark colors as it is already the gloomiest part of your house. Yet you want to have some flashy bright shades then provide good illumination to your basement.

basement color ideas
To add some contrast to your basement walls paint different color combinations. These combinations can be dual color wall or contrasting colors. Some combinations to help you in deciding your own combinations: beige and chocolate brown, white and red, yellow and orange, white and crimson, white and dark gray.
Some of the best colors to use in the basement wall are: lavender, cream, pink, beige, white, yellow, light gray and peach.

Entertainment center or basement bar: For this go for metallic colors as they provide it a lively touch.  Some metallic colors are: silver gray, copper, sheeny gold and bronze. Faux painting is the best choice for these types of themes. This provides a luxurious effect to the entertainment center. Make use of waterproof paint. They are also available in several shades.

Basement Concrete Floor Paint

basement color ideas
These days many designers are preferring basement concrete floor paint over variety flooring. Why not? They are getting variety of colors and types at such an affordable rate. Some popular among home owners are: gray, ivory, marble finish, mosaic, granite effect, white and beige.


Basement Carpet

Carpet is the foundation of the room décor. However carpet your basement floor only when it is waterproofed. The most cost effective and glorifying option is to paint the basement floor in neutral shade and put a decorative carpet. This brightens up the shade of your basement room.

basement color ideas
Choose a carpet color and design which blends with the fabric and other room décor such as furniture. While deciding the basement carpet, do not forget to consider the basement lighting.


Some enlightening facts on the carpet color

basement color ideas
Beige/brown carpet: It makes your room look spacious.


basement color ideas
Blue, deep green and quartz carpet: Avoid them especially for your carpet.


basement color ideas
Dark colors:
These colors portray the coziness of room.


basement color ideas
Light colors: These colors represent the area of the room. They are also good for hygienic purpose.


basement color ideas
Warm neutrals: These are best for office purpose or guest room. They complements both working and relaxing mood of yours.

  • Basement Light

    First thing to do in the basement is to lighten it so that you can clearly decide which color suits it the most. White color on the walls reflects 85% of room light. If you do not want to put white then at least provide a white trim to your room so that you can get the full lighting effect. You can also choose cream or off white.
  • Warmth

    basement color ideas
    This can be easily provided to a basement through some warm colors. Some colors are: warm yellow, light gold or tan. These are some of the most welcoming colors for basement.

  • Drama

    basement color ideas
    Red is the symbol of drama. It provides a warm energetic feel. Through red paint we can add little drama to entertainment center or bar or gym. To balance the darkness due to red, put bright lighting.

Some facts about colors

Red:  This color is popular since ages for creating a warm and romantic feeling. It represents excitement, boldness and drama. Maroon or Burgundy color are the best shades of red. You can paint your basement red when you want it to be an entertainment center or gym or bar.

White:  It represents openness. Any type of décor or accessory or furniture suits with white walls.

Orange:  Orange is a cheerful color. Several shades of orange are available. Amber and peel are the most effective shades for basement living room.

Some colors like green, blue and purple must be avoided but their light shades are welcoming.

How to narrow down your search?

  • First decide how many colors exactly you want in your basement. Include everything-flooring, lighting, carpet, etc.
  • According to the function of the basement paint the walls with the same color.
  • Use some darker color for flooring.
  • Do not forget your family opinions with the help of sample colors. Paint strips are most handy to decide the most appropriate color according to your lighting.
  • The fabrics, wallpapers, furniture and other accessories add a boost to your basement décor.

Basement is a combination of above things. So the final texture of basement is the proper balance of above colors. Colors portrays different mood and creates vibrations. Think through various aspects and finally you will hit upon a combination that will portray your true style. Colors have magic. They have enough potential to glorify your basement even in a tight budget.

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September 12, 2011

Rick degreg @ 8:36 pm #

The red/brown above with white furniture. Can u telle what colors those are? Great combo—Thank you

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