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These basement ceiling ideas presents elegance and beauty. These all are secondary ceilings which are hung below the main ceiling. They all have enough capability to turn your old basement into new. Before choosing among the following ideas you must know that what you want exactly for your basement. Take care of common factors like function, cost and other priorities and then move ahead with your own style which you want to install in your basement through these ceilings. 

Faux Ceiling Beams

Faux Ceiling Beams is my first choice due its easy installation and it’s after effects. Faux ceiling beams can make your basement look spacious.


These are decorative hardwood beams which have enough potential to add drama to any room. Add some moulding around these beams to make them more decorative. The best part is that these are so easy to install that you can install them yourself provided you are good at handy work. These beams add a lot of warmth as well as preserve the minimalism. These beams are not so costly to install. You can easily get them at any hardware shop just at $170. 

Drop Ceiling

Give your old basement a new streamlined look. Suspended or drop ceiling are popular for basement ceiling. By installing this ceiling in your basement you not only increases the beauty of your basement but also conceal plumbing and wiring. The exposed plumbing represents the unfinished status of basement.

It is also noise proof due to the acoustic panels in them. It keeps sound from bleeding into other rooms of the same house or building. This makes it ideal for basement offices. You can easily get access to them in case you want to do some modifications in plumbing and wiring.

Tin ceilings or pressed metal ceilings

basement ceiling ideas

They are best for basement bar. They are very popular in restaurants and pubs. They were used in the 20th century as an affordable alternative to expensive plaster

Drywall Ceilings

Drywall Ceilings are not at all flexible enough to do some modifications in lighting. You have to do hole in your ceiling for any modification in plumbing and wiring. It is also difficult to install them.

Despite the above drawbacks it is very popular in western houses. Give it a complete professional look by adding neat and beautifully carved tiles. 

Ceiling tiles

Bring life to the fifth wall of your basement

Do not consider it a DIY project; you have to take help of few carpenters to get it installed in your basement. They are manufactured in various designs, styles and patterns. Ceiling tiles finishes include brass, bronze, cherry, chrome, copper, gold, light maple and cross-hatch.


Few basic types of ceiling tiles which are available in the market are: Suspended ceiling tiles, Decorative ceiling tiles, Plastic ceiling tiles Acoustic tiles and Metal ceiling tiles.

  1. Suspended ceiling tiles are for offices.
  2. Decorative ceiling tiles are more common in houses.
  3. Acoustic ceiling tiles are perfect choices for studios or rooms with stereo systems. It possess sound dampening feature.
  4. Plastic tiles: The best feature of ceiling tile is that it never rots like wood. Other advantages of plastic tiles are: it is available in many designs and durability.
  5. If you want to reflect a vintage style in your basement then go for metal ceiling tiles. They help in illumination and thus can be a part of lighting system in basement.  

Coffered ceilings

These ceilings offer an age old Elizabethan look. They provide depth and class to your basement. They are capable of highlighting any part of your room. You have to pay huge amount to get this elegant look in your basement. This is “not a Do it yourself project”. You have to hire a contractor for the installation of Coffered ceiling.  


If you can not afford any of the above secondary ceilings to finish your basement then paint it. Paint the exposed pipes and wires to give it a decorative look.  

Ceiling Mirrors

The reflection of the ceiling mirrors improves the basement lighting. It also makes your basement look spacious.

An unfinished ceiling provides hindrance in utilizing your basement completely. The above basement ceiling ideas of course demands cost and extra input but the output is worth noticing. Each and every basement ceiling idea in this article takes back to different era. Now it is up to you what you want to do with your basement and decorate it accordingly.

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