I never knew our architects and civil engineers can convert these unfinished basements into such a marvelous piece of décor. Well the following top basement ideas will surpass your dreams. You will wonder how much extra space you can use and that too with comfort and style.

Many people consider transforming their basement area in a bedroom, guest room or even a wonderful entertainment space. Basement bars are so popular. Moreover, a game room or even a calm relaxing space or a wonderful workspace can be planned in this area. With cleaning, basic remodeling and painting you can have the area ready for use. Browse through various basement paint ideas and finalize the colors and combinations for making it a great looking space.

Deciding factors for basement themes

  • Lighting:  Why this came first in my list of factors? Simply because basement lacks illumination. There are various lighting fixtures available. So you can choose from them according to the intensity of illumination in your house. Do not carried away by their designs, consider practical measures as well.
  • Waterproofing: Dampness, moisture and flooding are the most common problems of basement. Look for waterproofing measures according to your home location.
  • Crown Molding: Think practically of the theme which can put the space well together.

Astonishing Basement Themes

Home Theater

top basement ideas
Some people are very clear in their views on how to live. The home theater which is shown in the picture is one of the most expensive home theater. This is build in the basement. Basement is one of the most suitable places to build a home theater because it lacks in natural lighting.   Read more on Top Basement Ideas…

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Basement waterproofing is the utmost important step in the construction of any structure which is build at ground level or below ground level. It refers to those techniques which arrest water to enter into the basement of a house. When waterproofing involves both drainage and sealers then it is the most effective waterproofing.

Some geographical regions have raised water table and therefore waterproofing is must in these types of regions. There are major possibilities of foundation damage due to hydrostatic pressure. This leads to further seepage of water inside the basement. One can easily prevent this problem with the help of following measures:

The above techniques must be incorporated in a basement by the contractors during the construction of house.

basement waterproofing
Waterproofing coating Read more on Basement Waterproofing…

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Basement drywalling is raising popularity among the home owners. There are several critical points against it. Many experts says that it is not going to stay long and not at all capable enough to replace plaster. Call it Drywall or Sheet rock or wallboard or gypsum wallboard or plaster board. Drywall is a construction material which is used to make many things, especially Ceilings and Wall. Drywall is made up of Gypsum.

Advantages of basement drywalling

Instead of plaster these days’ people prefer Drywall. There are several reasons for this.

  • It is quick and easy to install. It takes only couple of days to install drywall.
  • It is highly durable.
  • It is easy to repair.
  • It is used to conceal steel beams and complete masonry walls above the ceiling of basement.
  • It is fire resistant.

There are several types of Drywall manufactured by Gypsum companies. These Drywalls are installed according to the situation. They also manufacture and supply a regular drywall which is common to several situations. Which one suits your basement? Let us find out. Before that, take the measurements of your basement to estimate how many sheets you exactly need. Whatever be the type of drywall, you must finish it properly with paint and other additives.

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Video on basement Drywalling

  • Joint compound:  It is used for finishing work.
  • Drywall mud:  It is applied over paper drywall tape. Drywall seams are very popular while hanging the drywall sheets. With the help of this tape you can easily conceal the seams.

Types of basement drywalling

  • Moisture Resistant Drywall:  You can apply them in basement bathroom, basement kitchen and basement laundry.
  • Fire resistant Drywall:  It is highly recommended for garages and rooms with furnaces.
  • Abuse resistant Drywall:  Often used in commercial buildings and basement workshops.

Three simple steps to finish basement drywall installation

This task is not that difficult as it seems to be. In fact Drywalls are manufactured to solve the labor and skill problem related with the plastered wall. The steps are quite simple and quick. Take help of the manual provided with the drywall sheet by the manufacturers.

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Once you are done with the basement wall, all you need to know is how to insulate basement walls? Why basement insulation is done? It is done to make your basement comfortable and cozy. Insulation keeps your basement cool during summer and hot during winters. To insulate the wall cavities R20 fiberglass insulation is the most accepted one.

Insulations are of various kinds

  • Interior wall insulation:  This is done to create a cold room if you are planning for food storage in your basement.
  • Soundproof insulation:  This is done to reduce noise. It stops noise from bleeding into other floors. Most of the time Home Theater and laundry requires sound proofing.
  • Blankets Insulation:  It is considered as the most affordable insulation. Use it on standard joists, rafters or in between studs. The spacing between the studs for blanket insulation should be 16-24 inches.

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Basement framing is done before remodeling it. It increases value of your basement. Basement framing is done to secure the concrete, conceal the plumbing, electric and HVAC components. Basement framing also provides support to electrical appliances. Duct work for heating and air conditioning needs to be concealed by bulk head framing. Do not forget to frame around the windows. How much framing your basement requires depends upon your project? Suppose if you want to build a family living room then framing is done only to support drywall or paneling. For extensive theme like home theater basement, requires more framing for insulation and sound proofing. If you want to achieve the layout of your choice in your basement then you must plan in advance. To make your work easy, here are some basement framing tips.

For basement framing we need

Read more on Basement Framing Tips…

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The robotic pattern of waking up early and rushing towards work makes our life boring and gradually frustrating. With few changes in our lifestyle we can easily make it exciting and rocking. Why not a home office? Home is the most comfortable zone of our life. At the end of the day we find satisfaction in our home. So, why not devote some space of our home to a small office. But where is the space? Every home has a basement. With few basement office ideas and strategic moves your basement can be converted into a proper workshop.

Advantages to have a basement home office

basement office ideas

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Basement bar ideas in this article will help you in creating a cozy space to enjoy with family and friends in your home. You always wanted to have such a space in your house but unfortunately you do not have. No need to worry as you can still have a bar. You can effectively utilize the basement. There are so many themes which can be easily installed in your basement and that too in an affordable price. With these ideas you can not only create your own bar but also a party zone.

Theme and style

Do not follow others but put your own ideas which reflect your own style. Always remember that everything in your interior decoration represents your own persona. Some of the most popular basement bar themes are:

  • Sports bar: This bar is the most suitable for the ones who want to enjoy sports with their family and close friends. Just a large flat screen TV in a basement bar is enough to bring that sports bar effect.

     basement bar ideas

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These basement bathroom ideas help you in building good basement bathroom by effectively utilizing the available space and facilities.

Top reasons to have a basement bathroom

  • Basement bathroom increases value of your property.
  • Basement renovation is far less cheap than external home renovation.
  • Plumber lines and sewer lines are already located in the basement. It sounds pragmatic to hook up a bath, toilet or sink at such a place with so many amenities.
  • Adding a bathroom to any other theme like entertainment room or guest room increases convenience. It reduces your up and down stairs steps.

Do s and don’ts’ while basement bathroom remodeling

  • Avoid ordinary wall board. Install moisture resistant wall in your basement bathroom.
  • Avoid organic materials in your basement bathroom like hardwood or cork flooring.
  • Make sure your basement bathroom has right plumbing, flooring and wiring that do not delaminate or distort.
  • Use water resistant paint and wall materials.
  • Avoid rags and unused materials in your bathroom.

Things to include in a basement bathroom

This is absolutely an individual’s choice. Before deciding the things to be included in a basement bathroom you must be sure of the basement theme. It also depends upon the space available to build a bathroom. Carefully choose the products in case of small area. There are varieties of things available which are designed according to the small space. Some things which are common to every bathroom are as follows:

  • Bath shower
  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Fans
  • Shelves
  • Laundry basket
  • Chair or a table
  • Electric Shaver
  • Bathroom cabinet: You must have these cabinets to store toiletries. If you do not have space inside then you can have them even outside the bath area.

basement bathroom ideas

Mirror not only makes the place look spacious but also provides an open feeling. Read more on Basement Bathroom Ideas…

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Basement water leaks have enough potential to spoil all your hard work and money. Water is the most common enemy of basement. It is a common problem especially during rainy season. Noticing it in its inception can easily solve many problems. If not stopped in its early stages then it can easily ruin your entire basement. The ultimate solution to basement leakage is directing water away from your house.

Action to be taken while basement water leaks

  • Clean the area where water is stored. Generally, concrete blocks and slabs leads to water blockage which causes water storage especially during the rain. Avoid this concrete accumulation during basement construction which leads to future damage.
  • Target areas to fix the problem. You have to locate the place where water leakage has started. Wipe the area either by an old towel or rags. Mark this area so that you can repair it.
  • Locate the chipped places. These places can be the holes, cracks or blocks in the walls or doors.

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Basement finishing cost is nearly 50 percent lesser than external home renovation. Before calculating total basement finishing cost you should consider these points. Whether you have to finish your incomplete basement or start from the scratch, you can do it yourself. If you are not good at handy work then you may need some worker or only a professional can do this task. Basement theme that is whether it is going to be a bedroom or bathroom or kitchen matters a lot. If you are good at handy work then you can easily remodel your basement. This saves your money. According to a 2005 survey an estimated cost to finish a basement is $51,000. The majority of basement finishing cost is labor wages whereas materials cost is only 20- 25%. It is also worth noticing that basement finishing cost increases by 7% per year. It also depends upon your location as every where market price differs for everything.

Factors which includes in basement finishing cost are:

  • Design
  • Contractor
  • Materials
  • Equipments to be installed
  • Geographical location of your house.

DIY basement finishing cost

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